Beauty Pick-Me-Ups in 20 Minutes


There are some days when you just feel less than your best. It’s not for any particular reason, except maybe your schedule has been full lately, your to-do lists seem to get longer instead of shorter, or winter has been settling in like it means to stay for a while. Whatever it is, you just feel like you’ve lost your sparkle a little.

On days like that, I often find that twenty minutes of time to myself makes all the difference. Here are a few things to try if you think a little spa time will get you through.

Turn up the music
What do you listen to when your friends, boyfriend, roommates, husband isn’t around? Listen to what you love. Listen to whatever brings you back to good times, or reminds you of an aspect of yourself that you don’t get to show off often.
Light that candle you’ve been saving
Cliche? Yes. Transformative? Also yes. Don’t wait for a special occasion to light a fancy candle. Scents transport us faster than anything else. Try these delicious candles from Paddywax. I never knew candle addiction was a thing until now, but sometimes a sensory distraction is all it takes to relax your shoulders and smile in the mirror.
Scrub, scrub, scrub

Reach for your puff, scrub, or washcloth, and buff all over. I swear by scrubbing from the direction of your heart out to your fingers and toes, to encourage blood flow and feel healthy and alert. Be gentle on your face, using a soft washcloth in a circular motion. Don’t forget your lips! Rinse with warm, not hot, water and pat dry. You’re already looking shiny and new.

Use whatever you like, as long as it smells amazing and makes you feel pampered. My husband surprised me with this the other day, and now I never want to be without it again!

Touch up your eyebrows
I find that two minutes of this makes me look so much more clean and polished. It’s really instant gratification, in a way that not much in life is.
Give your nails a little attention

We all have our own nail routines, but I find that after a few 6-day work weeks, some heavy lifting, or running around in the cold, my nails could use some care. All you need is a quick file, a smudge of cuticle cream, and a speedy buff to feel rosy and trim again.

After this, there isn’t much more you need. Smooth your hair or whip it up into a huge messy bun, massage in some lip balm or Vaseline, and pronounce yourself a masterpiece. Settle in for a movie in a pair of Roman Holiday men’s pajamas, or head out again, more ready to meet the world.

In a rush?
If you only have ONE minute to get your sparkle back to
normal levels, try this.


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