Why Not?

why not december

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Why not…

    • Put on a hat today. Are you a cloche kind of girl? A baseball cap with a messy braid? Pigtails and a soft beanie?
    • Bring hot chocolate packets and mini marshmallows for your officemates
    • Take a long bath listening to the Yo-Yo Ma Pandora station
    • It’s a grateful time of year. Write a note to someone who believed in you
    • Dance in the kitchen, alone or with a partner
    • Draw a doodle and text it to a friend
    • Window shop with a hot drink after work
    • Enlist a friend to teach you a new skill
    • Pin a necklace in your hair
    • Cook crepes for dinner, which a choice of toppings
    • Paint your nails and watch guilty pleasure TV
    • Reread a book you loved as a kid
    • Wear lingerie with your favorite sweatshirt and thick fuzzy socks

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