Create Custom 3×4″ Project Life Cards

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Project Life is making me so happy these days. Have you heard of this scrapbooking and story telling system? Becky Higgins, the founder, designed simple clear pocket pages in a range of formats. All you have to do is slip in your photos and their amazing line of design cards to tell your own story!

Photo via Elise Blaha

Getting Started

To get started, I ordered a variety pack of pocket pages, a 12×12 album, and a Project Life core card kit. They have so many gorgeous options- you’ll definitely find something that feels like you! Core kits come with colorful themed 4×6 cards (for the larger pockets) and 3×4 cards (for the smaller ones). These can be interspersed with your own photos and personalized as much or as little as you like. That is all you need to make a full album. I love knowing I have all my supplies right there from the beginning.

I ordered the Project 52 core kit, which you can preview here in its entirety. I love the vibrant colors, the modern feminine patterns, and the option of journaling your way through a whole year. It’s such a pleasure to work on my album and get inspiration from other Project Lifers for creative, contemporary ways to communicate my narrative. See a short list of inspiring PL bloggers and videos at the bottom of this post.

Today, I tried my hand at creating some custom 3×4 cards to make my spreads even more personal. I wanted to incorporate more white space in my spreads, keeping a clean, modern aesthetic. I used PicMonkey to design my 3×4 cards and then uploaded them to Picasa to knit them together into an easily-printable 4×6.

Here’s how!

I created a new canvas by selecting “Design” on PicMonkey’s home page. To size the project for my album, I selected “Crop” and indicated “3×4”. Now I had a nice blank template for my own design.

cropping to 3x4

All original Project Life cards come with rounded corners. To create a rounded corner template on my own cards that I could trim with scissors after printing, I clicked on the frame icon (in blue, below) and chose “rounded corners”. I made them black for easy trimming later. This step is entirely optional.

rounding corners

Now it was time to design the content of the card. You can add photos, text, and images right in PicMonkey. Play around with it, and you’ll see how addictive it is! Above is a card I designed with a quote from Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

Save your individual cards to your computer one by one.

To print two at a time in a 4×6 format, upload the individual images to Picasa. Select the two images you would like to print, and click on “Create” in the top toolbar. Then select “Collage”. Once the collage screen loads, select “Grid Collage” and your 4×6 size. That’s it! This can be printed on your home printer or uploaded to your local photo print shop. When you get them home, trim each card and you’re good to go!

Below is an example of a 4×6″ print that I can then trim into two 3×4″ cards. There is no limit what you can create with these, from photo captions, to quotes, pictures, and journaling.

get to work and hagrid

Here are some amazing and inspiring resources that are getting me excited about Project Life!

Please show me what you’ve created by hashtagging your Instagram photos #movingrightalongcrafts

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