DIY Map Wall Art


I’ve been so excited to share this recent DIY project with you! For the six months that we’ve been living in our new apartment, we’ve had the dreaded big blank wall above our couch.


This isn’t our living room, but the struggle was just as real.

It was bad. It was a big white space, and the only time that our high ceilings seemed like anything but a blessing. Our wedding photos in their slim, modern frames would have looked forlorn, we’ve aged out of the tapestry stage, and I haven’t yet won my husband over to the side of the gigantic starburst mirror.  What would we do? It was a problem that needed solving, and fast, but I was hesitant to put a big, impersonal print there, just for the sake of calling it done.

Then I came upon this post, where Elise decoupaged a 3’x2′ map onto 10 smaller canvases and made a sharp and impactful wall display. Soon my mind was racing with ways to personalize this idea using an old world map that we had stashed in a closet. I was getting excited.


I followed her instructions, carefully cutting the map and using Mod Podge to affix it to the ten smaller canvases. To add an artsy, handmade touch and to take away from the brown-ness of the map, I painted layers of blue and navy all around the edges of the map itself, as well as on the finished edges of each canvas. A few more painted details, and I was done!


We hung the whole thing (by far the toughest part of this easy DIY), and immediately marked our travels with pushpins. I would love to add small hanging tags to the pushpins one day, with a note and photo of each place that we visited together. For a peek at my inspiration board for this project, click here!

We love having this personalized reflection of our travels together, and I find myself day dreaming far more often about all the beautiful places we’ve seen and wish to see.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this project idea! What have you been working on lately?


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