Why Not?

craft desk.jpg

Why not…

Sit in a patch of sun with a book or a fancy magazine?

Buy a big bouquet at Trader Joe’s and scatter tiny vases all over the house? By your bed? On the ledge of the bath? Above the stove?

Wear something light and fluttery? A silk scarf? A swishy skirt?

Buy a new loofah and scrub your way to fresh spring skin?

Make three kinds of pancakes for dinner- chocolate chip? Strawberry banana? Nutella?

Send a $5 donation to three charities you’re passionate about?

Bring all your jewelry to the kitchen and break out the silver polish?

Go to a dance class you’re afraid to try?

Reorganize your desk at work? Top it off with a tulip as a reward?

Rummage in your cabinets to find a new favorite mug?

Wash your windows until they sparkle in the sun?

Go on a long walk and call an old friend?

Finally drop off your “donate” bag to make room for spring clothes?

Explore your library and find a nonfiction book that you can’t wait to read?

Bake a cake, wrap it in a ribbon, and bring it to a friend who is having a rough month?

Take everything off your bulletin board and only replace what still inspires you?



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