Why not?


Fill a notebook with sketches or photos of all your favorite neighborhood spots?

Gather all the craft supplies that you’re never going to use and make a fun care package for a niece or nephew? Type up a short children’s story and send it to them to illustrate?

Go to Sephora with a friend and pick out a few perfume samples for the other to bring home to try?

Change out all your plain manila folders for pretty patterned ones?

Pick a favorite movie as beauty inspiration for the week? Pride and Prejudice? 16 Candles? An Education?

Pick up an extra package of your favorite snack and send them to a friend? Doodle all over the box like we did in high school?

Finally replace the worn heel caps on all the gorgeous shoes that you haven’t been able to wear lately?

Stash a lovely rose lip balm in every jacket pocket?

Rearrange your furniture for a fresh look and a new perspective?

Throw open all the windows and fold down your sheets and blankets to air?

Write your current favorite quote on a canvas and prop it on your nightstand?

Leave work early and go for a pale pink pedicure?

Frame all your black and white photos with bright floral mats?

What are your “why nots” this week?





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