Straight out of: Little Women

We’ve finally had a few good warm days, here in Boston. The kind of days when the shade is full of breezes and the sunny stretches of sidewalk remind us what summer is going to be like. When that summer feeling finally arrives, with its bright hot sun and the windows thrown open to let in the cool of the evening, I get in a Little Women mood. The long walks in the woods, the wildflowers, the letter box for sending secret letters. Meg’s garden wedding happens in the summer, and Amy spends long days on the Italian coast, sketching in the Mediterranean air. It’s all just fantastic, from the book to the 1994 movie.

So today I thought I’d share a roundup inspired by the story. Something to remind you to look for the romantic, to get your surroundings down on paper. I want to give you something to feel adventurous about, to remind you of your own extraordinary gifts. Summer is a season of softness, warmth, gentle gestures, and unexpected pleasures. So channel your inner Meg, Jo, Beth, or Amy, and go do what you love to do and enjoy it free of pressure. Here’s your permission.

LW Collage.jpg

Sunhat, skirt, journal, bouquet, illustration, headband, colored pencils, mailbox


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