In My Bag

I always find it fascinating to hear what must-have items friends carry with them at all times. Everyone seems to have a few signature things that they absolutely need, that will get them through whatever the day holds. Here are mine!

In My Bag Collage.jpg

A small notebook

When left to my own devices, I have post it notes and shopping lists spilling out of my purse, stuck to my phone case, and perched precariously on the handle of my grocery cart. Finally I wised up and bought a few pocket notebooks. I use one at a time and try to restrict my list-making to that area only. At the very least, it’s a central place to keep all my post it notes so that they don’t blow away before I get where I’m going.

Pilot G2 Pens

If I’m writing, I want to be writing with a Pilot G2. It is the most passionately reviewed product on Amazon, and for good reason. If you are a pen nerd/aficionado, you know the unique and underrated pleasure of the perfect pen. I don’t go anywhere without one, and it’s my first choice for Project Life journaling.


For corralling all those small things like pens, chapstick, and Purell. Make them bright, and get them in multiples. I also have one for my drawing pencils and travel watercolor set, so that I can grab them and go when I don’t want to take my whole bag along to sketch.

Lip balm and a kicky lipstick

I cover all my bases by carrying a soft moisturizing lip balm for day, and a bright, opaque lipcolor for whenever the situation seems to call for it. I use it as a stain when I’m feeling pale, and slick it on when I wish I had worn something different that day. It always helps.


For escaping during my lunch hour or getting a little privacy on the commute home.

Sketchpad and Watercolor set

Lately I’ve been enjoying experimenting with urban sketching (see my Pinterest inspiration board here). I love to play with color and turn off my  mind for half an hour during my  lunch  break or after work. I find myself engaging with my environment in a totally different way, and I love flexing these muscles for the first time in so long. I keep everything I need in one pouch so I can grab and go.

What are your must-have items that get you through whatever the day throws at you?




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