Pack with me: Nantucket

Next week we’re going on a three day runaway to Nantucket! This is our one vacation of the summer, so I really want to maximize our fun and relaxation while we’re there. That means just a few outfits that will mix and match with each other, that won’t take a lot of thought in the mornings and will let me explore comfortably all day.

Nantucket Annotated Collage.jpg

Splurgy caftan, extra long necklace, sandals, kimono, black maxi dress, white top, denim skirt, perforated sneakers, canvas tote bag, distressed cap, bracelet

First, here’s a beach look. This is a very splurgy caftan that I do not own, but I think this is the perfect modest beach piece. It’s light and gauzy and accessorizes beautifully. The heavy duty canvas tote is so pretty, and will hold up to all the books and tubes of sunscreen you’ll want to carry in it.

Beach Collage

Next is an evening look. Because we won’t be eating out at restaurants due to Kosher guidelines, I don’t need anything too formal. A black maxi with a printed kimono is just the thing to dress up with jewelry and minimalist sandals. Bring a low maintenance mauvey lip stain or a juicy lip gloss to add a little something special.

evening Collage

For exploring Main Street by day, slip-on sneakers and a cute hat make you look summery and comfortable. Throw on your kimono from last night over a white tee. I’ll also be bringing this top in a few other colors, to mix and match with breezy scarves for the other days of our trip.

exploring Collage

And that’s it! I can’t wait to be get away for a few days, to relax on the water and explore the island. Do you have any vacations coming up? What are your packing tips? I’d love to know!


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