Chanukah Gift Guide 2: For Kids

It’s always tough to find the balance between what kids want to receive and what we want to give them. We want practicality, non-obnoxious color choices, and experiential toys that they won’t get tired of in just a couple of days. They want bright plastic, many tiny pieces, and sound effects. What to do?

Here’s a selection of gifts that kids will enjoy and parents will be glad to add to their home. Most of them are interactive, and a few of them are cozy and warm. Perfect if your family follows the “want, need, wear, read” gift philosophy.

Kids gift guide collage.jpg

  • Make your own comic book kit. Everything you need to illustrate your own comic book, including a postage-paid envelope to send it back for professional binding. Such a cool gift for a kid who is creative and has something to tell the world.
  • Tegu magnetic wooden blocks. Not only are these blocks beautiful, they’re magnetic and feel so good in the hand! This set comes with 24 pieces, which is enough for some serious architectural feats.
  • Doodle cookbook. Such a fun book to use with your preschooler or early elementary-aged child. Read them the doodle recipes and watch them interpret them, using ingredients such as “blobs”, “loops” and “scribbles”.
  • Hanna Andersson slippers. Everyone loves a good monster slipper, especially my two year old niece.
  • Custom cloth baby album. This gorgeous and cuddly family book holds ten photos printed on 100% cotton. There is even room for captions and a special message to the recipient! These make the perfect gift for any baby or toddler, or any photo-obsessed parents you might know.
  • Hape Toys play kitchen. A play kitchen you won’t mind staring at for a few years. It comes with all the pots and pans you need, and even “cuttable” velcro food.
  • Cozy cotton beanie. For that stylish little girl who loves a good pompom, as we all do.

What are your favorite gift ideas for kids?




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