Currently: February

desk top 1.jpg

Listening to This is Your Fight Song Scottish mashup. On repeat, really, really loud. Because sometimes in this life you need something to help you take up the fight with courage and grace.

Wearing Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector. This mousse BB cream is keeping my skin moisturized and blurs everything out just enough.

Proud of my first paycheck from my new freelance writing gig!

Trying to get back in the habit of taking photos every day. I can’t seem to get photos I’m excited about right now! Do you have any tips or links to get me back on track?

Baking chocolate chip pumpkin cake. Because I think we’ve all finally had enough distance from October to like pumpkin again.

Disappointed that my Jacquard Dyeset faded my painted silk scarves! Has anyone else tried another method to set dyes, without investing in a pricey steamer?

Planning a Shabbat with family. Maybe this and this for dessert?

Dreaming of bare feet and coral nail polish!

What are you up to lately?