Currently: September

Sept Collage

Writing a post for Kolbo Judaica Gallery about hearing the sound of the Shofar as a call to return to our best selves. Let me know what you think!

Fascinated by art quilt maps. And look at these!

Listening to this podcast episode about a formerly Chassidic woman who loves Torah, Chassidic culture, and big happy families but had to look further for her own fulfillment, and what she did when she saw that this fulfillment might not be giving her son the life she had always wanted for him.

Trying to simplify our home by streamlining what we own and getting rid of “just in case” items that drain our energy. Now my clothes hang with space to breathe. Start with these 10 basic principles if you’re not sure how to begin with your wardrobe! Looking for a personal style that makes you feel strong and gorgeous and invincible? Let Stacia teach you!

Empowered by my friend Shana over at Salad Therapy to try new ingredients in new ways . She’s helping me be more joyful in the kitchen, something I didn’t think was possible for me.

Thinking about snapping up this customizable growth chart to semi-DIY for the nursery! SO many possibilities!

Reminded by this quote. I wish we didn’t need reminders like this, but I sure do.



Currently: June

Recently Collage

1. Erin Boyle writes a gorgeous piece on evenings on her Brooklyn rooftop after the kids are in bed.

2.  Some aspirational mudrooms over here.

3. What happens inside men as they balance life and work and what society expects them to value most.

4. Hanan is killing it with her casual style, something much more difficult to achieve than fantastic formal style.

5. Is there anything more appetizing than rose gold birks?

6. This is the drugstore concealer I’m loving these days! The sponge applicator is super gentle on the fragile skin under the eyes and the coverage is great.

7. Such a fresh, springy print.


Currently: August


Making my first quilt! I’ve made every mistake in the book, but you know what? I still get a quilt in the end, so I consider this a win.

progress quilt.jpg

In progress

Loving my weekly yoga class. No one is more surprised than I am, but I love that it drops me right back into my body, no matter what is going on in my head that day.

Listening to this Coffee and Crumbs podcast about catching creativity, as well as this one about the explosive growth of Illustrated Faith. Continue reading

Currently: June



bag and necklace

Feeling so relaxed after a few days away

Planning cheesecake menus for Shavuot

Inspired by Suse’s new meditation process video series

Splurging on this necklace in one of my favorite color combinations

Rediscovering maxi skirts for easy weekend picnics in the park

Loving my new pouch from my friend Lisa at the Small Batch Boutique. Crafty friends are the best friends.

Learning how to use my new hand-me-down sewing machine

Preparing for a crazy busy season at work.

Finishing my first year of Project Life

Reading an Alice Hoffman marathon. Her books, even her new ones, feel like family.

What have you been up to?

Currently: April


Watching my walk to work change every day as trees burst with fresh leaves and new flowers nod their heads as I pass by.

Considering these lace up flats. AK Ann Klein is one of my favorite brands for comfortable work shoes, and this style is a sophisticated take on the lace-up trend!

Trying to restart my Project Life habit. It helps that the weather is better and, between Passover celebrations and more time outside, I have photos I love again.

Working on creating an inner stillness, content and purposeful. Is this something you would be interested in reading about?

Loving this article on how to create wearable versions of outfits that make your heart beat faster.

Enjoying Emily Jeffords’ Instagram feed. The colors and brushstrokes just scream spring to me.

Tempted by this DIY headboard. Okay, and also this pale pink saddle bag.

Planning a short vacation in Nantucket this May!

Wearing  Superga sneakers with slim skirts. #cantstopwontstop



Currently: February

desk top 1.jpg

Listening to This is Your Fight Song Scottish mashup. On repeat, really, really loud. Because sometimes in this life you need something to help you take up the fight with courage and grace.

Wearing Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector. This mousse BB cream is keeping my skin moisturized and blurs everything out just enough.

Proud of my first paycheck from my new freelance writing gig!

Trying to get back in the habit of taking photos every day. I can’t seem to get photos I’m excited about right now! Do you have any tips or links to get me back on track?

Baking chocolate chip pumpkin cake. Because I think we’ve all finally had enough distance from October to like pumpkin again.

Disappointed that my Jacquard Dyeset faded my painted silk scarves! Has anyone else tried another method to set dyes, without investing in a pricey steamer?

Planning a Shabbat with family. Maybe this and this for dessert?

Dreaming of bare feet and coral nail polish!

What are you up to lately?