What Fall is For

Hi, friends. It’s Fall here in Boston, which always sharpens my senses and changes the way I see myself and my world. Last year I wrote a post that so perfectly captures how I feel every year, that today as I sit at my keyboard I can’t find a thing to add.

This Fall is also a little different, as I am already turned inward, my focus sharp on what is growing and changing inside me day by day. I am expecting a baby in February, God willing, and each morning brings a new sense of wonder, of time passing, of abundance. Change is my bread and butter as this baby reshapes my body, my center of gravity, and my sense of what must be done immediately and what can wait for another day. I nest with fierce attention and everyday interactions pack a more powerful emotional punch, while larger battles can wait in the wings for a slimmer, less preoccupied future version of me. And if she never gets to them, they couldn’t have been that important in the first place.


A baby quilt, ready and waiting

As we move towards the shorter days and colder months, this body is not made for wrestling with demons or accommodating negativity. It’s made for warm, soft light, for quilts in the making, for loving connection and deep conversations. It’s made for love made visible, for kind words and abundant good deeds. This body is nurturing and my hands can’t move fast enough to keep up.

In a few months, the calendar will tip again, and the days will begin to lengthen. We will start to feel the early rustlings of Spring. When the crocuses start taking notice in their comfortable beds beneath the soil, my baby will be born and the earth will begin to wake up again. Every day we’ll move closer to warmth and sunlight, our energy outward now, instead of inward. And what a celebration it will be!

Until then, I’m excited to share my great news with you. Have a wonderful Shabbat and weekend, full of what you love!

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Versatile Fall Wardrobe Boosters

It’s always exciting as a new season approaches, and nothing thrills me like the appearance of Fall fashion on magazine pages and in store windows. The rich fabrics, deep colors, and interesting layers get me every time. But if you’re a longtime reader you know that I’m not a believer in replacing my whole wardrobe every season. It’s just not environmentally responsible or affordable for most of us. I’m a huge fan of shopping my closet a few times a year to find new color combinations and fresh ideas, without getting pulled into the pursuit of perfection that grips so many of us as the seasons change.

Today I’m excited to share a few versatile pieces that will freshen up the basic outfits already in your closet. Wear any of these with a black dress, or a jean jacket, or last year’s wool coat once the weather cools down.

scarf ideas

Scarf, faux leather jacket, black dress (also available in Merlot), lace skirt, pea coat

Blanket scarves aren’t going anywhere yet; they’re just too cozy to give up. Look for a deep, sophisticated colorway with plenty of drape. Wear with an unexpected cream leather jacket, or over a slim dress, or juxtapose its cozy feel with a delicate lace skirt. The classic choice? A military-style pea coat. You just can’t go wrong.

bag ideas

Bag, denim dress, cardigan jacket, utility vest, faux wrap dress

Merlot, or burgundy, is an Autumn staple, and this bag is a beautiful (and splurgy!) example. A clean structured bag never overwhelms an outfit- even a feminine dress- and is a great way to update your denim favorites. One combination I love is burgundy with black and white, like this chunky sweater, or burgundy with olive. Perfect for Fall. Here are several affordable options for merlot bags under $30, and this perfect burgundy leather tote for under $200.

cardigan ideas.jpg

Long sweater, bodycon midi dress, reversible neck dress, Choose Happy tee, jersey midi skirt

A black sweater for Fall? Groundbreaking. But try it in a longer length, edged with soft ribbing, and suddenly all your summer clothes are boot-appropriate. Wear it with a fitted midi dress and cute flats, or a graceful more formal dress with suede heels. Throw it on over a graphic tee and a striped pencil skirt, and it just doesn’t get any better. Here is a more affordable option with the same open shape and stylized ribbing.

What’s top on your list for perking up a wardrobe for Fall?

Unlikely Heroines and Newly-Sharpened Pencils

The summer is winding down, and would you be very upset if I admitted that I don’t mind so much? I find myself running my hands over the brand new notebooks on drugstore shelves and notice that the leaves on my street’s trees look more tired and less juicy than they did even a few weeks ago.

These summer days are long and indolent, tempting me to perch on park benches with a library book as the sun turns me bit by bit into a moist teacake, as Harper Lee would say. And I love it. I celebrate by Continue reading