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Sept Collage

Writing a post for Kolbo Judaica Gallery about hearing the sound of the Shofar as a call to return to our best selves. Let me know what you think!

Fascinated by art quilt maps. And look at these!

Listening to this podcast episode about a formerly Chassidic woman who loves Torah, Chassidic culture, and big happy families but had to look further for her own fulfillment, and what she did when she saw that this fulfillment might not be giving her son the life she had always wanted for him.

Trying to simplify our home by streamlining what we own and getting rid of “just in case” items that drain our energy. Now my clothes hang with space to breathe. Start with these 10 basic principles if you’re not sure how to begin with your wardrobe! Looking for a personal style that makes you feel strong and gorgeous and invincible? Let Stacia teach you!

Empowered by my friend Shana over at Salad Therapy to try new ingredients in new ways . She’s helping me be more joyful in the kitchen, something I didn’t think was possible for me.

Thinking about snapping up this customizable growth chart to semi-DIY for the nursery! SO many possibilities!

Reminded by this quote. I wish we didn’t need reminders like this, but I sure do.



Nursery Inspiration

As I round the corner into my final trimester, the to-do list grows and it’s nice to take a break from the organizing, the appointment making, and the budgeting to think about a lovely new space for this new little person.

Inspired by the Tapestry fabric collection by Art Gallery, which I used to make the baby quit, I’ve pulled together an inspiration board for a budget-friendly, gender-neutral nursery. I wanted something sunny and light, with only the good notes. Plus I wanted to incorporate a few things we already have (like the teal rocking chair, below) to keep spending at a minimum. We are choosing to make over dressers we already own and going with the most inexpensive IKEA crib to leave room in the budget for a few high-impact things that should still look good and work well a few years down the line.

Nursery Inspiration Board.jpg

I knew that light turquoise was a good starting point, for how well it pairs with wood tones, yellows, and crisp white. It’s a calming color that doesn’t scream “baby girl” or “baby boy”, and it can be glammed up with gold without a lot of effort.

This Target rug ($48) is a great foundation and looks great against the IKEA crib ($79). That same light wood tone is reflected in the book organizer ($38), which has heavy duty canvas slings to hold lots of books and serve as a blank background if I decide to get creative with stencils or applique. For art, I love this poster of Jerusalem’s Old City ($20+), as well as this print ($30+) which features a happy sun reminding you to say “Modeh Ani”, the Hebrew morning prayer thanking God for giving you another day. I have also made an Aleph Bet wall hanging and a mobile from the same fabric line as the baby quilt to add a personal touch.

I figure that an inexpensive but sturdy side table ($30) would be useful next to the rocking chair, to hold a lamp ($20)and a bottle of water for late night feedings. The dressers are going to get their own facelift with removable wallpaper ($35) in a woodsy pattern, and gold drawer pulls ($3.35). A can of gold spray paint ($6.46) will be handy for sprucing up the old dresser knobs and other accessories, like wall hooks and shelf brackets. I’d love to finish off the room with some wood pieces, like these gorgeous etched blocks ($49).

What do you all think of this plan? Sunny and bright?
And would you like a dresser facelift tutorial when I get to it?

In My Bag

I always find it fascinating to hear what must-have items friends carry with them at all times. Everyone seems to have a few signature things that they absolutely need, that will get them through whatever the day holds. Here are mine!

In My Bag Collage.jpg

A small notebook

When left to my own devices, I have post it notes and shopping lists spilling out of my purse, stuck to my phone case, and perched precariously on the handle of my grocery cart. Finally I wised up and bought a few pocket notebooks. I use one at a time and try to restrict my list-making to that area only. At the very least, it’s a central place to keep all my post it notes so that they don’t blow away before I get where I’m going.

Pilot G2 Pens

If I’m writing, I want to be writing with a Pilot G2. It is the most passionately reviewed product on Amazon, and for good reason. If you are a pen nerd/aficionado, you know the unique and underrated pleasure of the perfect pen. I don’t go anywhere without one, and it’s my first choice for Project Life journaling.


For corralling all those small things like pens, chapstick, and Purell. Make them bright, and get them in multiples. I also have one for my drawing pencils and travel watercolor set, so that I can grab them and go when I don’t want to take my whole bag along to sketch.

Lip balm and a kicky lipstick

I cover all my bases by carrying a soft moisturizing lip balm for day, and a bright, opaque lipcolor for whenever the situation seems to call for it. I use it as a stain when I’m feeling pale, and slick it on when I wish I had worn something different that day. It always helps.


For escaping during my lunch hour or getting a little privacy on the commute home.

Sketchpad and Watercolor set

Lately I’ve been enjoying experimenting with urban sketching (see my Pinterest inspiration board here). I love to play with color and turn off my  mind for half an hour during my  lunch  break or after work. I find myself engaging with my environment in a totally different way, and I love flexing these muscles for the first time in so long. I keep everything I need in one pouch so I can grab and go.

What are your must-have items that get you through whatever the day throws at you?




Making Pinterest Work For You


Are you on Pinterest? Chances are good you are. 42% of American adult women use Pinterest for everything from just browsing existing “pins” to promoting their original blog content.

Lately I’ve noticed that my friends are using Pinterest less, now that they do their aspirational browsing on Instagram. It’s where they find their bridal bouquet inspiration, their new favorite make up products, where they follow top designers, and get ideas for home decor and craft projects. Does Pinterest have a future in our Instagram world?



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Craft Desk DIY | Creating a Sacred Place

Our second bedroom has been calling to me. It’s been a workhorse of a guest room since we moved in, but in between weekends hosting family and friends, it sits empty. Finally, after my post about making room for the things you love this winter, I decided to claim a corner of that room for my own. A place to craft, to put the things that make me happiest, to experiment and make a mess.

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Creating a Welcoming and Efficient Workspace

Have you ever noticed that after some time in a space, you stop noticing things? Maybe the wobbly night table in your bedroom stops bothering you, or the colorful art on the wall no longer grabs your attention each time you walk by? It’s human nature to adapt to new environments but, once we do, we stop improving our space for the better, until one day we show up to work and wonder who made such a terrible mess of our desk. Sometimes we need to be pulled forcibly from our complacency before we come to the realization that our environment could do a lot more for us than it’s currently doing.

Here are a few quick pick-me ups if you, too, came in this morning and found that your space could use a lift, or if you’re tired of sifting through the piles to find the paper you need.

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