You’re My Home


Hi, friends! I’m excited to present a second guest post on Wilna Furstenberg’s blog! This time, it’s a step-by-step tutorial for a traditional scrapbook layout inspired by Billy  Joel’s love song, You’re My Home. I  hope you enjoy it.

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Currently: June



bag and necklace

Feeling so relaxed after a few days away

Planning cheesecake menus for Shavuot

Inspired by Suse’s new meditation process video series

Splurging on this necklace in one of my favorite color combinations

Rediscovering maxi skirts for easy weekend picnics in the park

Loving my new pouch from my friend Lisa at the Small Batch Boutique. Crafty friends are the best friends.

Learning how to use my new hand-me-down sewing machine

Preparing for a crazy busy season at work.

Finishing my first year of Project Life

Reading an Alice Hoffman marathon. Her books, even her new ones, feel like family.

What have you been up to?

Guest Tutorial for Wilna Furstenberg

Welcome, IHEARTSTUDIO fans! I am so excited to share this video tutorial that I did in collaboration with Wilna Furstenberg using her gorgeous new Spring collection. I was thrilled to be offered this opportunity and I’ve been counting down the days until I could share it with you.

Guest FI-1.jpg

I filmed the video tutorial in collaboration with Mo David, an incredible young filmmaker. I hope you love it.

video still

This layout was inspired by five strong women in my family, and of course by Wilna’s Spring Collection. I loved the floral frames with their soft pink watercolor borders, and I knew they would be perfect 3×4” Project Life cards. Because May is the month of Mother’s Day, I wanted to create something as a tribute to the mothers and grandmothers that came before me, whose strength made me who I am and gives me so much to aspire to. I was able to incorporate one of my favorite quotes from the book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, as well as an excerpt in English and in Hebrew from the book of Proverbs praising the woman of valor. I hope you enjoy!

Looking for more scrappy goodness?

10 Creative Project Life Ideas

I love love love my Project Life practice, but there are definitely days when I can’t seem to think of any creative ideas to introduce into my spreads. I want my album to draw the viewer in, with little surprises and details, and I also want this practice to stretch me creatively. More than anything else, I want my work to be meaningful to me as I create it, and when I look back on these beautiful memories.

project life.jpg

At times when I have hit a creative block, Pinterest just doesn’t help me. I can’t seem to gather any solid tips. Instead I can only look at whole layouts and get discouraged about the work in front of me. So I thought that today I would share ten down-and-dirty specific things to try when you find yourself in a scrapbooking rut.


1. Make a floating cluster in a pocket. Here I layered kraft cardboard, cardstock, a black and white photo, vellum, and a sparkly leaf embellishment. I like how it’s something a little different and adds breathing space and interactivity to the page.

2. Hide some secret journaling behind another card. I added a pull tab with washi tape. This was a great way for me to talk about something personal that readers would have to look closer to find.2

1. On this layout, I showcased photos of other crafts I was exploring at that time, like the silk painting in the top right 3×4 pocket. I didn’t take this page too seriously, adding a cupcake buttercream menu just because I loved the colors. What other creative things are you up to that you can document?

2. In November, I dedicated an 8×10 insert to my favorite Instagram photos from that month. It was such a great way to share the vibe of November, and I think I’m going to enjoy looking back at who I was following and what trends I was liking in November 2015.3

1. Around the holidays, it’s fun to incorporate some favorite family recipes into your album. I created a 4×6 recipe template in PicMonkey, a free image editing website, and plugged in a photo. It’s such a great way to preserve these family legacies and was perfect for the holiday setting.

2. For my birthday week, I penned a short prayer on cardstock and slipped it into a small envelope. I paperclipped it closed and glued on a label. It felt so right to include my deepest wishes in this spread, and I know that in years to come I’ll find it meaningful and poignant to look back on where I was at that moment.


1. It’s always fun to include an unexpected item in your spread, like this galvanized metal tag I picked up in the Target dollar spot. Look around your house and see what fun items can be incorporated for texture and the element of surprise.

2. I love writing a manifesto for every season just as the weather starts to change. Above is my fall manifesto, which included things like drinking cider, going on more walks, and planning for my husband’s birthday. What are your can’t-miss seasonal activities?


1. At the end of the year, make an infographic that reflects all the great times you had! I added mine as an 8×10 insert on a spread showcasing the highlights of the year, at right. I talked about our travels, our new apartment, the meals we hosted, and our accomplishments at work.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for breathing some life back into your scrapbook layouts when your creativity is running low. Do you have any advice to add? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


Instagram Lately and an Announcement!


The other day I told you how much I’ve been loving my Superga sneakers with midi skirts and, guys, I just can’t stop. It’s an unexpected sporty detail that looks great with slim skirts, jean jackets, and all the striped tops that seem to multiply in my drawers overnight.


I set aside a sunny Sunday morning a few weeks ago to go through all my spring and summer clothes, and to put some easy outfits together that I can throw on in the mornings when I’m rushing out the door. My new rule is that every piece needs to work with at least two outfits, otherwise I don’t get the versatility I need from my investment. This skirt above was a cute TJMaxx find, but it wasn’t as versatile as I’d hoped, so it went back in favor of a striped midi skirt that looks great with sneakers or minimalist sandals.


I’ve been loving the cherry blossoms popping up on every street corner like beautiful girls in flouncy spring dresses.


Here’s that same photo incorporated in a Project Life scrapbook spread. On this layout I played with shades of blue, blush, and pink. I’ve been experimenting with new photography techniques and loved showcasing my floral photos with these fresh colors.


My husband gave me this lovely necklace as a gift before Pesach. I love how it looks like a little slice of sky, with soft sparkle and a beautiful silver leaf dangling from the clasp. It looks just as gorgeous with a dressy wrap dress as against denim and a head scarf.


Another thing I’ve been trying lately is urban sketching. Check out my inspiration Pinterest board here. I just love this style and it  helps me to push my own boundaries without committing to perfection with every pen stroke. Stay tuned to see my progress soon!


Here’s a current in-progress Project Life layout. I’m using delicious melon colors contrasted with black and white patterns. I love stripes and black and white text, below.


I think this phrase is so strengthening: “That which is meant for you will not pass you by”. I grabbed this quote off of Pinterest and printed it on an old transparency sheet to show off the polka dot card beneath.


I’m excited to announce that I’ve been selected to be a guest designer for iheartstudio! I will be designing several layouts using Wilna Fustenberg‘s Spring and May Flowers collections, and can’t wait to share them with you! I have some really special themes and techniques in mind, so keep an eye out for those on her site in the next month.