Straight out of: Call the Midwife

If you’re a long time reader of the blog, you know I love to put together a good “Straight out of…” post. (You can see them all here!) One of the best parts of reading a great book or getting lost in a movie or TV show is letting it transport you to another place and time, and I love gathering modern inspiration from some of my favorite literary and cinematic escapes.ctm collage with text.jpg

This week I am newly re-obsessed with the BBC/PBS series Call the Midwife, set in mid-century Poplar, London. Young midwives live side by side with a small order of midwife nuns, tending to the people of Poplar as new medicine, vaccines, and modern conveniences reach this bleak corner of the city. As times change, the women grow closer and share each others lives under the gentle narration of Vanessa Redgrave. Continue reading

Straight Out Of: Anne of Green Gables

AoGG  Collage.jpg

Outfit inspiration photo, locket, easy hair tutorial, white blouse fabric line,  Anne of Green Gables scarf, vintage botanical print, boots

When the cool Fall air starts slipping over my window sills in the morning, and the sun goes to bed a little earlier each night, all I want to do is cuddle under a warm quilt with a favorite book. Anne Shirley is an old friend, and I’m very much looking forward to spending an afternoon together, getting reacquainted.

I was excited to do a fun roundup for you, of soft colors and boots, vintage flowers and pearl drops, but really all of these things are just reminders to see the magic around you. To venture out and explore, and to stay in and luxuriate in your own imagination. Autumn is the season of full library queues, of lovely touches and cozy plans. It’s a time to remember old friends, to make space for dreams, and to re-center yourself as one more beautiful, wonderful thing is this beautiful, wonderful world.

So this month, feast your soul, imagine what can one day be, and re-center. I’ll be over here, doing the same.

Straight out of: Little Women

We’ve finally had a few good warm days, here in Boston. The kind of days when the shade is full of breezes and the sunny stretches of sidewalk remind us what summer is going to be like. When that summer feeling finally arrives, with its bright hot sun and the windows thrown open to let in the cool of the evening, I get in a Little Women mood. The long walks in the woods, the wildflowers, the letter box for sending secret letters. Meg’s garden wedding happens in the summer, and Amy spends long days on the Italian coast, sketching in the Mediterranean air. It’s all just fantastic, from the book to the 1994 movie.

So today I thought I’d share a roundup inspired by the story. Something to remind you to look for the romantic, to get your surroundings down on paper. I want to give you something to feel adventurous about, to remind you of your own extraordinary gifts. Summer is a season of softness, warmth, gentle gestures, and unexpected pleasures. So channel your inner Meg, Jo, Beth, or Amy, and go do what you love to do and enjoy it free of pressure. Here’s your permission.

LW Collage.jpg

Sunhat, skirt, journal, bouquet, illustration, headband, colored pencils, mailbox

Straight Out Of: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is one of my top Hulu addictions right now, so I thought it might be fun to do a little roundup inspired by the show.

The Villa Nueva house is warm and charming, with homey touches that never look too new or stark. Mismatched frames and paintings cover the walls, and little details remind you that this is where three generations of women have grown and loved together. The colors are saturated and fun, and you can’t forget a wooden bench for late night conversations on the front porch.

PicMonkey Collage22.jpg

  1. Embroidered waffle weave kitchen towels
  2. Small Greenport bench
  3. Kari quilt set
  4. Behr Victorian Mauve paint color
  5. Golden arrow personalized necklace
  6. Jean jacket
  7. Fit and flare floral dress
  8. Nicola black patent wedges

Jane herself loves patterned dresses that define her waist and flare into a feminine skirt. She pairs them with everything from jean jackets to soft blazers, with delicate jewelry and fantastic wedges.Her look is attainable and fun, perfect for a regular girl who has gotten swept up in a drama far bigger than she is.

Jane’s style contrasts beautifully with costar Petra’s look: structured, modern pieces with incredible tailoring and sharp silhouettes.  Petra and the Marbella Hotel are all white and blue Miami glam.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

  1. Embroidered medallion pillow
  2. Tiffany Infinity Cuff
  3. Princess Cut Faceted Mirror
  4. Maggy London Midi Dress
  5. Metallic Silver Pouf
  6. Kathin Lace Up Sandals
  7. Coach Nomad Hobo in Cornflower/Gunmetal

Get this look with a few well chosen pieces in fresh, modern colors and touches of silver. Petra is always luxe, but still simple and minimalist.

Are you a Jane or a Petra?