Maxis for Everyone

Nothing says summer like a maxi skirt. Brightly printed or a basic neutral, maxis have an easy elegance that can be dressed up or down. Here are my picks for the season’s best, plus a few tips on how to get maximum versatility from this summer staple.

Maxi 3 Collage

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Warm colors like these fit the summer vibe perfectly, and look just as great at a daytime picnic as on the patio under twinkle lights. Continue reading


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bag and necklace

Feeling so relaxed after a few days away

Planning cheesecake menus for Shavuot

Inspired by Suse’s new meditation process video series

Splurging on this necklace in one of my favorite color combinations

Rediscovering maxi skirts for easy weekend picnics in the park

Loving my new pouch from my friend Lisa at the Small Batch Boutique. Crafty friends are the best friends.

Learning how to use my new hand-me-down sewing machine

Preparing for a crazy busy season at work.

Finishing my first year of Project Life

Reading an Alice Hoffman marathon. Her books, even her new ones, feel like family.

What have you been up to?

To the Seaside


This week we’re off to Nantucket for a little sea air and relaxation. Before I go, I wanted to pop by with an easy DIY I made from a few brightly colored tassels.

I bought this scarf at LOFT this weekend because I just couldn’t resist the pattern at the sale price. But because I plan on mostly wearing it as a headscarf, I knew that the tassels would often be tucked away. They are too good to waste, so I put together this quick DIY for a fun, summery necklace for your own beachy getaway.

tassel necklace.jpg

First, I carefully removed the tassels from the scarf with a small pair of scissors. For a little extra something-something, I wrapped the shank of the tassel with silver wire. At this point, it was ready to attach to a necklace! I experimented with looping the tassels on to a silver chain (as you see in the smaller photos in the lower lefthand corner of the collage, above), but also loved how they looked attached to a layered coral bead necklace. Such a fun vacation-y accessory to add to what I packed for this trip!

Have a great week, friends!

Pack with me: Nantucket

Next week we’re going on a three day runaway to Nantucket! This is our one vacation of the summer, so I really want to maximize our fun and relaxation while we’re there. That means just a few outfits that will mix and match with each other, that won’t take a lot of thought in the mornings and will let me explore comfortably all day.

Nantucket Annotated Collage.jpg

Splurgy caftan, extra long necklace, sandals, kimono, black maxi dress, white top, denim skirt, perforated sneakers, canvas tote bag, distressed cap, bracelet

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Unlikely Heroines and Newly-Sharpened Pencils

The summer is winding down, and would you be very upset if I admitted that I don’t mind so much? I find myself running my hands over the brand new notebooks on drugstore shelves and notice that the leaves on my street’s trees look more tired and less juicy than they did even a few weeks ago.

These summer days are long and indolent, tempting me to perch on park benches with a library book as the sun turns me bit by bit into a moist teacake, as Harper Lee would say. And I love it. I celebrate by Continue reading