Why not?


Fill a notebook with sketches or photos of all your favorite neighborhood spots?

Gather all the craft supplies that you’re never going to use and make a fun care package for a niece or nephew? Type up a short children’s story and send it to them to illustrate?

Go to Sephora with a friend and pick out a few perfume samples for the other to bring home to try?

Change out all your plain manila folders for pretty patterned ones?

Pick a favorite movie as beauty inspiration for the week? Pride and Prejudice? 16 Candles? An Education?

Pick up an extra package of your favorite snack and send them to a friend? Doodle all over the box like we did in high school?

Finally replace the worn heel caps on all the gorgeous shoes that you haven’t been able to wear lately?

Stash a lovely rose lip balm in every jacket pocket?

Rearrange your furniture for a fresh look and a new perspective?

Throw open all the windows and fold down your sheets and blankets to air?

Write your current favorite quote on a canvas and prop it on your nightstand?

Leave work early and go for a pale pink pedicure?

Frame all your black and white photos with bright floral mats?

What are your “why nots” this week?





5 Lovely Things to Try at Home This Weekend

  1. Make a beautiful piece of art

    Make this simple floral monogram painting, or try your hand at illustrating a favorite recipe to frame in the kitchen. You’ll be surprised how meaningful and great it turns out.


  2.  Review your spending from the past month

    I know this doesn’t sound like the relaxing weekend you had in mind, but as Lauren Ver Hage writes,

    “Regardless of what your goals are, doing a “post-mortem” at the end of each month is a super useful way to stay on top of your spending habits. It’s a good way to learn from your mistakes, and it reinforces the way you feel — good or bad. It’s much more difficult to brush off problems and ignore them if you’re forcing yourself to sit down and confront them repeatedly.”

    Look at each of your expenses, and then ask yourself these ten questions that will help you gain insight from your spending that you can use in coming months. The Financial Diet has even made us a Google Sheet to make this task easier.


  3. Switch out your old photos for fresh new ones

    You know how I feel about living with photos. After a while of looking at the same photos on the walls, things get a little stale and we don’t get that same shot of happy energy when we walk in the door. Surround yourself with the places and people that make you happiest right now. Swap out the photos in your frames, or try an Instagram display or ombre gallery wall!

  4. Start telling your story

    We all have a story, lessons we have learned and a precious legacy we feel called to uphold. This could be the history of our own struggles, of the family that came before us, or the treasured traditions of our religion or culture. Your point of view matters, and now is the time to raise your voice. Spend a few hours recording your story in a book, Google Doc, or blog post.


  5. Laugh really hard

    I love Aziz Ansari. He seems like such a good guy and his humor is super relatable. Start with Netflix’s Master of None and then go check out his stand up on YouTube. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


                                     That’s it for today, friends. Have a wonderful weekend!

Why Not?

craft desk.jpg

Why not…

Sit in a patch of sun with a book or a fancy magazine?

Buy a big bouquet at Trader Joe’s and scatter tiny vases all over the house? By your bed? On the ledge of the bath? Above the stove?

Wear something light and fluttery? A silk scarf? A swishy skirt?

Buy a new loofah and scrub your way to fresh spring skin?

Make three kinds of pancakes for dinner- chocolate chip? Strawberry banana? Nutella?

Send a $5 donation to three charities you’re passionate about? Continue reading